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Ten years ago David Soren took part in a ‘pitch programme’ organised by DreamWorks Animation for its employees. He had 10 minutes to deliver his one-page idea that he admits he had thought up the night before. ‘It was basically The Fast and the Furious, with snails,’ he says, laughing. ‘There really wasn’t much more than that on my piece of paper.’ But the studio saw the potential and bought Soren’s idea on the spot.

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ic4.gifHow would you like the money? http://www.cbartes.net/generic-levitra-usa-zzm8 levitra efectos secundarios De Blasio and Quinn each held the lead in polls at one time or another during the topsy-turvy Democratic primary race. As did former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner, who saw his lead vanish after news that his penchant for sending women lewd pictures of himself had not ended.

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